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The technology used by the company enables the production of biodiesel with total sustainability: only in the market for biodiesel (EEC Commission).


Our plant in Aprilia has a capacity of 160,000 tons / year; are transformed into biodiesel largely of former Italian frying oils, as well as those imported from France, Spain and Holland.


DP Lubricanti participates allocation of agricultural chain contracts That allow the transformation of vegetable oils into biodiesel from crops in Italy on land dedicated to this purpose.

Why CHOOSE biodiesel

Biodiesel is a natural product used as a fuel in fuel and as a fuel in heating, with features indicated respectively in the UNI 10946 and UNI 10947

Biodiesel DP Lubricants is obtained from renewable sources such as vegetable oils and animal fats and is a fuel with characteristics very similar to those of gas oil, with the difference that the latter is derived from petroleum. Biodiesel (unlike the diesel fuel) is not explosive, with a flash-point place at 150 ° C for biodiesel compared with 64 ° C of the gas oil. Contrary to diesel, it is biodegradable and non-toxic, and reduces about 50% of carbon dioxide emissions and almost 80% of the carbon dioxide.

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Dp Lubrificanti participates in the transformation into biodiesel of vegetable oils from crops in Italy on land dedicated to this purpose.


Thanks to the technology of the Company the use of these raw materials enables the production of biodiesel with total sustainability, unique in the biodiesel market (EEC Commission).


We use a very large extent used oil coming from the recovery of refined vegetable oils used for frying; This allows us the production of biodiesel with total sustainability.

DP Lubrificanti certified ISO 9001

Dp Lubrificanti has certifications such as ISO 9001: 2008; BUREAU VERITAS, an organization that has certified procedures for the verification process according to the 2BSvs standards for biodiesel.

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